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Five Sides of Triangles

On the Huffington Post this week I shared three edgy trends in Interior Design: chevrons, trellises, and the sharpest look of all – triangles. There’s too many options for triangles in decor these days to count, but here’s 5 more three-sided finds you can use to give your decor a dose of geometric glam.

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Know Your Knobs

As part of my coming Yanic Simard Selected accessory line (a partnership with Torre & Tagus), I wanted to include items that are easy to incorporate into any interior scheme to give an instant design upgrade. One often-overlooked way to add style without a large investment is by introducing new hardware - contemporary...
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DIY: A Serving of Marble

Designers and designistas have prized marble for centuries because of its timeless beauty, but 2014 is the year marble became the essential material for every interior. For a fun and easy DIY, you can have your own custom marble serving tray with just a few materials and a drill, adding a little touch of luxe...
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My Shangri-La

While visiting Vancouver I stayed in the beautiful Asian-inspired Shangri-La hotel; the number of subtle details that I found memorable is just too high to count (such as the fact that it's the tallest building in Vancouver at over 200 metres!), but here are a few that stuck out:
  1. Waking up in Shangri-La is made so...
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A Happy Anniversary

This week marks a very special moment in Canada's TV history. The favourite daytime talkshow Cityline, that I am so happy to be a part of, will air its 30th anniversary special on Thursday, February 20, 2014 at 8:00pm (in a primetime slot after a regular episode in the morning). We're gathering all of your...
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