Behind the Scenes: My Own Kitchen Makeover!

One of the best parts of being a interior designer is that you get to bring so many unique spaces to life: working with different clients with their own tastes and styles, I’m always creating a completely different universe, so there’s never a dull moment.

On the other hand, sometimes your own space starts to feel like the same-old-same-old far too quickly. In my case, my home’s kitchen really didn’t need a renovation, per se: the fixtures were in working order, the cabinets were in good condition, and the layout is totally functional.

To me, however, a change was overdue. Before and after the redesign I brought my Cityline cameras in to take a look, so a little later on you’ll be able to see the complete makeover. For now, here’s the key ways I brought my space up to date:

-Because the existing cabinets were in such good condition, I had Pro-Glo Paints respray them with Benjamin Moore’s 2062-20 Gentleman’s Grey. The deep, masculine hue with it’s blue undertone gave the kitchen a completely new look. You can get the same impact at home with a weekend project – for the D.I.Y.-ers, here’s Benjamin Moore’s cabinetry painting guide to make sure you get a smooth result:

-Marble has always been a decor staple, and people are beginning to reintroduce the elegant material in kitchen design. Using continuous “Statuarietto Vintage” slabs from Marble Trend for the counter and backsplash creates maximum drama, while also opening the look by blurring the lines between surfaces.

-Warm metals are coming back in style after years of stainless steel and chrome, so I jumped on this trend early, installing a new Aquabrass “Quinoa” faucet with a beautiful custom brass finish and having my existing cabinet pulls electroplated to match. Look for gold-toned fixtures to start popping up everywhere soon – and don’t be scared to mix them with stainless steel appliances.

-A new bistro seating area (featuring a classically elegant Saarinen style marble topped table) replaced the cluttered bar cart, with my microwave now hidden inside the cabinetry.

-For finishing touches, smoked grey mirror from Mirror Interiors backed the fridge and the range (with its chimney-style hood), simple jewel-like knobs for the upper cabinets complimented the newly updated drawer handles, and a set of blue and white dishes (a thoughtful gift from my design assistant Jaclyn) brought the scheme depth and some sparkle.

Now when I come home, this is where I want to spend all of my time. Next, I’ll be tackling my bathroom – but that’ll be another story! To catch the full makeover and learn more tips, keep up with Cityline, weekdays at 9:00am on City.

© Toronto Interior Design Group, Yanic Simard

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