There’s No Sugar-Coating It, Bathroom Renos Need a Budget

Ready to give your bathroom a total transformation? You’ll need more than a little spackle and varnish. For high end “designer” appeal, read our principal designer Yanic Simard’s article featured in Toronto’s number one newspaper the Toronto Sun to learn all the ins and outs of creating a beautiful bath space.  With decades of experience working on these rooms, Mr. Simard has vast industry knowledge on all of the areas in our home. The bathroom is more than just a maintenance zone for life where we, often-times, both start the day as well as end the day here. Furthermore, did you know the average person will spend at least 1.5 years of their life, in the bathroom? How a bathroom is put together aesthetically can play a major role in setting the tone for the rest of your home. The bathroom can offer that momentary space of solitude as well as a great place to unwind from the stresses of the day with a nice hot shower or warm bath. In this, the bathroom becomes much more than just another room in the house, it becomes a safe space. So, as you can see, we do take the bathroom for granted a lot more than we would like to admit. And, if the bathroom is so important, the question is, what’s the state of your bathroom? Is it time to give your bathroom a little love?