Comfort is a feeling we all desire; a state of physical ease. We all seek comfort in our homes, and the beauty of a well-designed interior residence evokes that. Homes are made for living, and being surrounded by an environment that gives you joy is of high importance. Learn about our boutique firm, and get a taste of the experience in working with us by watching this short feature film narrated by Toronto Interior Design Group’s founder/owner and principal designer Mr. Yanic Simard. We custom tailor all our luxury designs to the home and its homeowners. It’s all in the detail, and we make it look easy; although it isn’t. The journey of watching your new space unfold is unlike any other, and having a space curated just for you with all of your favorited conveniences will allow you to live life in 360, 365 days per year. Whether you are furnishing your home from scratch, planning a refresh, or just adding a few embellishments to your already beautiful residence, there is something for everyone if you choose to hire our company for your next project. Love your home and the environment that surrounds you. A thoughtfully designed interior creates a life well lived. Bringing out the best in your home means bringing out the best in you.